I was having fun on “The Jim Engster Show” talking about how Sen. Mary Landrieu comes to my community every six years with a beer, a chicken sandwich and many promises. Then, we see nothing and hear nothing and receive nothing until next election when we got another beer, another sandwich and another mouthful of empty promises.

One of her attack dogs also was on the show. He refused to discuss the issues — just wanted to attack me personally. Even though I spent most of my career designing, teaching and enforcing civil rights laws across this nation, he attacked my service.

He doesn’t even know about my service, much of which was taking place when his mother was a little girl.

Anyway he kept attacking like a little poodle or Chihuahua. I hung up on him and terminated the interview.

Boys should learn to respect men. Children should learn to respect elders.

Elbert Lee Guillory

state senator