I read with great interest the July 11th article, “Group homes and BR at odds, Conflict pits law and rehab effort.”

We have a neighbor who has housed many folks in one of three or four houses he owns on my street. However, more often than not, they appear to have been recruited from halfway houses for the recently incarcerated, rather than drug/alcohol rehab, which leads me to ask these questions:

1) If housing is provided to the handicapped with an exemption from single-family zoning, are there Americans With Disabilities Act requirements that must be met? If so, how is this verified if there is no licensing required?

2) How can a home like this qualify for federal tax dollars when there is no licensing required to verify that the home is doing what it purports to do?

3) Big difference between those in drug/alcohol rehab, and those who are in rehab who have also been incarcerated for crimes against people and/or property (rape, murder, assault, burglary). Are there ANY requirements whatsoever that these homes do background checks on their residents?

Fran Woodiel

retired state employee

Baton Rouge