It isn’t surprising Rolfe McCollister is making yet another stab at killing our City Park golf course. Death from a thousand cuts, eh Rolfe?

While Baton Rouge is learning and adopting Smart Growth principles, the backbone of which is preservation, McCollister demands the dismantling one feature of our neighborhood park.

Having spent part of my childhood in Europe and raised by my European-born mother, I understand European principles to embrace and preserve that which was constructed before our time. City Park golf course is part of the history of the city as well as the “historic Perkins Road district” which is touted in tourism pamphlets.

We, the city and the surrounding neighborhoods, who embrace Smart Growth preservation principles, have a responsibility to preserve what remains of our history.

Beauregard Town and Spanish Town, both National Historic Districts, have endured decades of neglect, heinous crime, and ill-conceived rezoning before finally being recognized by the Downtown Development District as key residential components to the livelihood of downtown.

The “new” State Capitol started construction in 1928, the same year City Park golf course opened. It is “old” too. However, not as “old” as the “old” State Capitol, which Huey Long eschewed. “Visionary” city leaders allowed the historic “old” building to deteriorate for decades until massive and expensive efforts brought this “phoenix” back to life. Lest we forget, the “old” Paramount Theater downtown is now a parking lot.

“What is old is new again” if it survives “visionaries” like Rolfe McCollister.

I submit that Rolfe McCollister still suffers greatly from the bruising of his rather healthy ego in his previous loss to the Friends of City Park golf course led by a little old lady. Have no doubt that his “petition” is political retribution by a man who neither lives near City Park nor enjoys its many features.

One can surmise McCollister drives by City Park and with rancor sees only his defeat at the hands of relative “nobodies” in our community.

“Ya win some, ya lose some,” Rolfe. Put on your big boy drawers and move on. You’re a busy man with a busy lifestyle. You probably have only enough time to play nine holes of golf instead of 18. Join the other busy people at City Park, we’ll act like we know you!

Dalora Prather

City Park golf course supporterBaton Rouge