Regarding the shooting of Terrez Coleman:

A precious jewel to many and a life taken away at an early age of seven. To his family, our prayers are with you and yours. I took Prescott Road home on the same day after leaving a forum at Oasis Christian Church on Aug. 16. Could I have been a victim of a gunshot wound and another innocent victim lost to violence in this community? Thank God I escaped this area with no problem, but what about Terrez Coleman and his family? It is time for the violence to cease in this community and this nation. Mothers losing their children for senseless crimes. Some folks wonder why are we as Africian-Americans are mad and upset? Well, put yourselves as parents who are suffering and dealing with the loss of a loved one. Terrez Coleman was an innocent child taken away by someone who has to face this tragedy each and every day. May he or she confess to wrongdoing and come forward to bring peace to this loss. Today, this society needs to take a closer look at what is going on, like “Marvin Gaye says “What’s Going On” in his song. We need to come together and support each other and let the violence in this community, nation, world stop and become our brother’s and sister’s keeper and try to live a peaceful lifestyle without violence. Take the guns and shove them — take more control on gun control, enforce more crucial penalties/consequences in our justice system and mandate those who commit the crime, spend the time and make an example for the person who took an innocent life such as Terrez Coleman. To God be the glory, and Terrez Coleman, rest in peace.

Mada McDonald

public relations professional

Baton Rouge