The Advocate’s recent front-page article on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s latest round of budget cuts read more like a PR release by Jindal’s press secretary than a factual reporting of the impact of these cuts on Louisiana residents.

According to the diagram that accompanied the story, 18 state departments are receiving cuts totaling over $37.5 million. All of these departments provide supportive services to the residents of this state. The scope of these services encompasses coastal restoration, veterans, agriculture, insurance, road and bridge repair, children and family services, law enforcement, environmental quality, education, and wildlife and fisheries services.

The proposed departmental cuts are not the result of job vacancies but instead a reduction of services provided to Louisianians. Yet, no mention was even made of the existence of such cuts and the extent of their impact in the text of the article.

Poor reporting, supportive of Jindal’s latest attempt to dupe the public in to believing, yet again, that a further reduction in supportive services will have no impact on the quality of life in Louisiana.

Jim Anderson

retired educator