Considering all of the recent interest in education nationally and in Louisiana, I would like to remind your readers of a two-page display in The Advocate of Dec. 1, 2013. This spread featured over 100 students from Sherwood Middle Magnet School, whose motto is ‘Where Excellence is the Standard.’ These students had achieved at an extremely high level, and their parents and teachers are justifiably proud of their accomplishments. This was not a group of students from an elite private school but a rich tapestry of young people from a range of cultures and ethnicities — a great example of what a public school can be with a clear vision, excellent leadership, and dedicated teachers and administrators. Nowhere in the display could you find the names of administrators, staff or teachers; it was all about the students. however, any continuing success of this magnitude must have an outstanding leader, and that leader is the principal, Phyllis Crawford. Crawford has dedicated her career to creating a culture in her schools that challenges students and teachers to be the best that they can be. The thousands of students and hundreds of teachers owe a debt of gratitude to Crawford for showing them that education is the key to a better life. Baton Rouge is fortunate to have had her influence in schools for some 40 years, because Phyllis Crawford is an educator like no other.

Benny Milligan