This may be read to the tune of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Ay, my oh my, what a Louisiana day!”

Growing up in a household where my grandfather was a Baptist preacher and my grandmother was my idol, I had plenty of truisms to learn. I’ll never forget her looking me square in the eyes, saying, “Well, looks like that’s on its way to Hades (hell) in a handbasket.” Of late, that saying rolls back and forth between my ears so often I can’t help but laugh out loud. Inappropriately? I don’t think so!

The Louisiana Legislature grunted and grunted trying to decide if the Bible could be the official state book, all the while laying out a new amount (higher, of course) that lobbyists could spend entertaining them. Ugh! No law was passed — not needed, so they say! No usury!

All the while our elderly are dying because they can’t get the help they need through the Medicaid Waiver Program. It was actually written to help benefit those of us who had a little too much to get Medicaid and not enough to pay for services. The hard-working middle class once again is left to die. Oh, this is happening while they’re trying to decide whether to pay for empty beds in nursing homes. No political payoffs?

The issues of Baton Rouge and St. George (check, check). Someone may slip on the track running and carrying that basketful!

Now, change the tune to “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

Where are you, politicians? Serve the people. Remember unity — give us a break! Where are you, public? Rise up now before it is too late and more and more fiefdoms are being created under our nose for more self-serving politicos — not two-faced, but multifaced. OK, what if the School Board district lines aren’t to suit someone? Let’s just change the board lines and achieve another whim.

By the way, Common Core is working, or was working until someone started rolling it around. Obviously they haven’t met the recent graduates. Take the last egg out of the crate, leaving it empty in the refrigerator. Who gives a darn if they know anything about critical thinking — all the while we’re filling the handbasket.

Don’t forget the very, very broken judicial system boondoggle. Oh, and remember those who access two or three retirement systems, yet deny others even one — or the opportunity to feed themselves, put a roof over their heads and go to get medical services, all with a $10 an hour job!

Hello, Louisiana. Where is our roar?

Sharon Lafleur

retired nonprofit director

Baton Rouge