I am a Stanford Ponzi victim. I am one of 30,000 victims worldwide.

In the maddening, scary days after the trust was seized in Baton Rouge and gag orders were put in place for all Stanford employees, I began to seek answers.

I contacted Rep. Bill Cassidy’s office, Sen. David Vitter’s office and Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office. Cassidy and Vitter immediately came to our aid.

Throughout this devastating ordeal, Cassidy and Vitter have led the battle to recoup not only their Louisiana constituents’ retirement savings, but those of victims in other states as well.

I often wonder whether if Landrieu had gotten on board with their effort it would have expedited the process.

Folks, Mary Landrieu became slightly involved only when her re-election campaign began. Mary Landrieu is no longer fighting for the people of Louisiana.

She didn’t help the Stanford victims.

She was the deciding vote on Obamacare and she stopped the Keystone pipeline from bringing jobs and revenue to Louisiana.

Please join me in electing a proven public servant. A man that is accessible to you and me. A man that is tenured in Washington, D.C.: Bill Cassidy.

Thank you, Cassidy, for your diligent work to help the Stanford victims. As our next senator, I see only positive works from you.

Landrieu, put your Dad in our place. Would you have helped us then? Bill Cassidy did.

Debbie Dougherty

deputy sheriff, retired