As I sit back and watch all of the turmoil going on regarding erasing uncomfortable historical events and monuments, it’s a resurgence of the racial divide that made so much progress before the current local, state and national government administrations.

Despite the 1970s being labeled as the “me” generation, and the abundance of people thinking government owes them something, everyone is obviously overlooking something: Government employees (presidents, governors, senators, mayors, clerks, sheriffs, dog catchers, etc.) are elected/hired by the people to administer the efficient running of their populace or department. They are not to tell us how to behave (outside of established law), what we should think, drink, smoke, etc. You are not our parents; you are our employees.

Do your job, and shut the hell up about everything else. The people will determine what lifestyle we want, if you are doing a good job and how we decide to move forward. If you don’t like what the people want, leave your position, city, state or country.

Politicians have devolved into the lowest breed of animal, in my opinion.

James Carter

USAF, retired