The revelation of rampant engineered deceit by Volkswagen to circumvent pollution testing on their diesel engines teaches a valuable lesson. Arbitrarily stringent environmental restrictions create vast cost escalations and make criminals of those who either can’t (survival) or won’t (profit) comply, all while generating more pollution.

One whose faith lies in manmade climate change, whether it is the First Global Cooling Orthodoxy, the Reformist Algorian Global Warming Movement, or the New Age Increased Weather Intensity Branch, are simply a do-gooding naive or, like a preacher with his hand in the till, someone with interest in the game.

But unlike a church which is voluntarily joined, these “climate crusaders” wish to bring the full governmental force to bear on you based on flimsy computer models, falsified data and cute polar bears. They irreconcilably ignore the burning bush, the great ball of fire in the sky, an actual calculable, traceable impact on the earth’s climate throughout the millennia, our sun. They brush aside the power of our home, the earth and its potent volcanoes which in an instant can in reality change the earth’s climate.

It is human hubris that proclaims carbon dioxide, a gas that every plant in the world needs for life, a pollutant? Carbon dioxide is neither chlorofluorocarbons nor plutonium. Some of the rewards for submitting to this orthodoxy are carbon credits, ethanol inefficiencies and a tyrannical EPA which are simply cash transfer schemes and its enforcer.

We should demand the church of the manmade climate change morph into the Boy Scott motto, “Leave no trace.” Acknowledge that importing products produced under substandard environmental regulations are cheaper for that reason. Tax them accordingly and bring those manufacturing jobs home. Adopt alternative energies on their basis of potential, but publish that increased cost rather than hide behind the specter of CO2. Refute these global feel good schemes and demand to actually clean up the trash we seem so content to litter the globe with. Reject faith in hypocritical climate hucksters utilizing scare tactics to entrench their authority over us. We do not need a climate religion to reduce our impact on our planet; we need the facts.

M. Wesley Salmon


Baton Rouge