The people of Louisiana are tired of waiting in traffic for 90 minutes to move 10 miles on La. 1 in the afternoon. I am tired of failing infrastructure, and I know Louisianians everywhere are tired of our poor transportation system.

As responsible citizens and tax payers, we have an opportunity to improve our infrastructure and move Louisiana forward. Your favorable vote for Constitutional Amendment 4 on the Nov. 4 ballot would mean improvements to bad traffic, poor roads and failing bridges.

Yes to Amendment 4 authorizes the transfer of existing public funds into an infrastructure bank. This investment utilizes existing funds without raising taxes or creating any new fees, making this money available for future use in an infrastructure bank.

Again, please join me and other concerned citizens in going to vote on Nov. 4 and vote yes for Amendment 4. Thank you in advance for joining me in an effort to improve our traffic, roads and bridges for the future of Louisiana.

Karen G. St. Germain

state representative

Pierre Part