It’s a shame that Gov. Bobby Jindal has made it more difficult for individuals to receive mental-health assistance because of his rampant cuts to mental-health facilities, for he is certainly in need of these services.

His latest proposal to eliminate the income tax in this state, which has faced budget deficits every year except one during his reign, calls into question his present mental state.

Has he lost his mind?

According to his own staff’s analyses the leading contributing factor to the deficit is decreased revenue, or in other words, people not buying enough goods in the state (sales tax revenue). The Stelly Amendment, approved by the voters, sought to rectify this very problem by relying less on sales tax revenue, which most experts agree would have lessened or prevented the state’s present fiscal mess.

Jindal ignored the wishes of the voting public in this state and worked to have it repealed. His legislative puppets granted his wish.

Now he wants to increase the state’s part of the sales tax by as much as 3 percent for a total of 7 percent. Let’s not forget that figure is added to the local sales tax which in several parishes is 5 percent. So if you think this no income tax is a good deal, be prepared to pay 12 percent on the items you buy.

Gee, it seems like you’d depress state revenue from commodity sales even more.

Some of our neighbors have no state income tax. Texas, for example has no state income tax, but while its sales tax is slightly higher (6.25 percent) than our present 4 percent, local sales tax only adds another 2 percent, not the 5 percent that many parishes in Louisiana now charge.

I guess Jindal expects the local parishes to decrease their sales tax accordingly and bankrupt themselves.

How did Texas do it? By getting their fair share from the oil companies when they drilled off their coast.

Louisiana has no such deals because we were so anxious to stimulate drilling off our coast that we gave away those revenue rights.

Bottom line, “no income tax” is great public relations, but this proposal comes from a man who has bankrupted this state because of his fiscal mismanagement.

Education and health-care services have been completely raped by the Jindal administration.

Do you really trust this latest fiscal proposal from Jindal based upon his past fiscal solutions?

James Anderson

retired educational administrator