I’m at a loss to understand why you allot space on your op-ed page to Jeff Sadow.

In a recent column, he demeaned the governor for calling another special session for legislators to do what they were supposed to do by now — give Louisiana a balanced budget.

He accused the administration of using “funny numbers,” but he used a few of his own — intermixing percentages and national standings to support his main point: that Louisiana can cut its way out of the current $600 million dollar shortfall instead of repealing tax exemptions.

Cut TOPS, he says, preferably from the bottom up. Cut health funding, even though it may lead to the padlocking of three hospitals. He actually said the state could, somehow, “finesse” the Feds into ignoring its own rules on Medicaid reimbursements and keep the hospitals open.

Mr. Sadow has the right to his own opinions. But as an associate professor of political science at LSU in Shreveport, he’s armchair-quarterbacking from a seat safely distant from Baton Rouge.

In my view, he’s either very naive or just whining.

Russ Wise

retired journalist