In the June 2 Advocate, Section B, Readers’ Views, we read, “Session shows state still backward,” a letter to the editor, by Susan Nelson, consultant, Baton Rouge.

One of the issues she raises is “the dismissal of actual science in biology classrooms.”

The Senate Education Committee rejected SB70, a bill to repeal the 2008 Louisiana Science Education Act, refusing to allow the bill to pass on to the Senate Floor for debate and discussion ... thus, it never reached the House, either.

This negative behavior on the committee’s part reveals the sheer hypocrisy of its members!

The Louisiana Family Forum and its supporters gave as their reason for support of the Louisiana Science Education Act as a means to encourage debate and discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the scientific theory of evolution and to consider the alternative idea of creationism, (a religious concept) on the part of teachers and students in the classroom.

By refusing to permit the issue to be aired on the floors of both legislative chambers, the Senate Education Committee effectively killed any debate and discussion , thereby making a sham of their original, professed reasons for this unconstitutional law in the first place.

Hypocrisy is nothing unusual on the part of our Legislature. Ho-hum. So what else is new?

Gertrude K. Meyers

retired teacher

Baton Rouge