Well, here they go, looking for the last goose that lays the golden egg in South Baton Rouge, Metro Council members wanting to annex land into the city. The time has come for the residents of southern EBR Parish to do what Central, Zachary and Baker have done — make the southern area of the parish into its own city.

Just like Jackson, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn., along with other, older cites, Baton Rouge has grown to its limits —but wants the parish to keep footing the bill. If the people of South Baton Rouge knew how much is sent into the city each year it would shock them. And what, with all the millions we send, do we get for our money? Ditches cut maybe twice a year and poor roads patched when they finally get so bad you bust a tire or two.

People ask, What about police protection? We already have the EBR Sheriff’s Office, which does an outstanding job. What about sewer, garbage etc. Ask Central or Germantown, Tenn., or 20 other places that are doing just fine without sending millions to the city and getting very little back. I just think it’s time put our tax dollars to better use in southern EBR Parish.

Oscar Sanford


Baton Rouge