Now that our leaders in Washington have prevented the dreaded “fiscal cliff,” everyone is patting themselves on the back for having “saved the country.” This is the greatest shell game ever put forth on American citizens.

There is nothing in the “fiscal cliff” agreement that reduces one dollar of the $16 trillion debt. In fact, we can look forward to not only lacking a strategy to reduce debt, but to a continuation of trillion-dollar-plus deficits each year. That means we are still hanging onto the cliff, with absolutely no solution in sight. One thing is certain: President Barack Obama will continue his unprecedented spending while constantly looking for ways to increase taxes on everyone — forget that helping the middle-class campaign rhetoric. We can expect irresponsible spending, noncompromising attitudes, blaming George Bush and disdain for the successful blanketing the dialogue in the coming years.

We are also witnessing the most-egregious takeover of freedom by the federal government since the creation of America. And, the trend will further increase. The goal is clear: taking away any freedom government wishes to do so, regardless of what the Constitution dictates.

Wake up, Americans. We are getting deeper in debt each year. The Senate will not even submit a budget to try to control spending, although this is the law. They ignore the Constitution, while no one demands this change. Such private-sector irresponsibility would surely lead to being fired yet instead, we are held hostage by these elected officials.

It is time we remember that America was born from resistance and rebellion to a government that sought to tax them insanely and control every facet of their life.

Billy Arcement

professional speaker/consultant