At 5:40 last Tuesday morning, I drove to cast my ballot. As I got close to Kenilworth School, I noticed lots of cars. What was going on? The only time I had to wait in line to vote was back in JFK’s time, and that tells you my age. Upon entering the gym, I was stunned to see four long lines, even before the polls were open. There’s no apathy here in this area.

It took me almost an hour to vote, but it was time well spent as my heart soared with American pride at the early turnout.

Our country has been mired in economic doldrums for a long time, and whoever is elected to be our next president faces huge problems with hard solutions, but the American people are using their voting privileges to show their concern. We are not apathetic anymore.

The news is filled with so much crime, violence, indictments of elected officials, religion-fueled wars and other such depressing subjects that it is hard to be optimistic. Citizens do care, we do take the time to vote, and we believe that our wonderful country will survive and return to its greatness. God bless the USA.

Susan MCCown


Baton Rouge