Gov. Bobby Jindal’s veto of House Bill 1091 sends a message that special interest groups outweigh public safety on our interstates.

Let’s forget about the safety of the dogs riding in the bed of a pickup. What about the safety of passengers in a vehicle when a 120 pound dog leaps into the travel lanes at 70 mph? Those dead dogs on the Atchafalaya spillway didn’t get there by running 5 or 10 miles down the elevated roadway.

Years ago, we had a red cur jump out of our truck bed onto the shoulder of Highway 190 at 40 mph because he saw something. Do you think a dog is going to stop a think, “Gee, we’re going 70 mph. Not a good idea.” No, it’s more like, “Squirrel! Chase before it gets away!”

Now, I agree that requiring a pet carrier could be an onus to some less fortunate, but what is a “proper restraint system?” We installed an eye bolt in the bottom of the truck bed to chain our dogs to; making sure they did not have enough slack to reach the edge of the bed. Sure beats having your dog jump into a windshield.

James Green