OK … first let me start with this. If you are reading this, please do me a favor and take a good, long hard look in the mirror. Then take the same sort of look at your friends and family. Then remember this: Gov. Bobby Jindal does not care about you; he has no use for you and never will.

Think of all the headlines over the past five years — nothing he has done was for the good of the state or you. Bottom line, that is the truth.

None of his budgetary or executive decisions have been about what is good for the state and its residents. They have all been designed to play to a national hard-right-leaning groups hell-bent on gutting education and health care just to decrease taxes on the rich.

Jindal has sold the state out to outside firms who have made untold millions of dollars that are spent outside the state and contribute nothing to the state. NOTHING, do you understand that?

LSU, once a beacon of education in the South, has now been relegated to middle-rung status because he has raped and pillaged the medical school, which was once a top-notch teaching school. He did this with no regard for the state or you. He has gutted health care services for the poor.

He has refused Medicaid expansion, which is a lifeline to smaller hospitals to remain open, which would have cost the state nothing. He has placed his cronies on state boards, and they have made it impossible to hold oil companies responsible for the vast environmental damage they have done to our lands. He has decimated the education system via the charter school system that has no accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars the state gives them.

So again, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself if you think Bobby Jindal cares about you. The simple answer is NO, he does not care about anything or anyone who is not part of his presidential aspirations, which are absurd. He will never be president.

Tom Stagg

social worker

New Orleans