This is a reply to Rhonda Browning’s comments of March 21, concerning the 47 senators who sent a letter to the Iranian government. The senators were stating a fact about our rule of law. If a treaty with any nation is not ratified by the Senate, it does not have the weight of law behind it. And yes, we are not bound to it, and any preceding president could reverse it.

This “duly elected government of America” has ignored, abused and disavowed the Constitution by neglecting the oath to uphold and protect it.

President Barack Obama has refused to enforce laws passed by Congress and signed by the executive branch, and he has continued to abuse his executive order privileges by making his own laws and bypassing Congress to avoid a vote. He was elected to be president, not emperor. We are a nation governed by law and not by a man.

Who authorized the president to send his political advisers to Israel — a sovereign state in it own right — to help the political opponents of Benjamin Netanyahu to win the election? Even now, Obama is threatening Israel to withhold U.S. support in the United Nations by voting against it. The safety and security of our nation has been in doubt since Obama has been president.

There is no threat to the U.S. from a letter sent by our senators to the Iranian government. Americans being killed overseas without any repercussions has endangered American lives.

Our embassies are being taken over, and our ambassador being killed with no one brought to justice has become a threat to us. Enemies have lost their fear of us, and allies have lost their trust in us.

You say that Obama is a Christian. “Christian” Obama says the Islamic call to prayer is “the prettiest sound of earth.” By his own admission, he was influenced by his Muslim father and stepfather, went to Islamic school overseas and keeps referring to his Muslim faith. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck, then it has to be a duck.

Time does not allow us to talk of his communist agenda of “redistribution of wealth,” an ideal propagated by Karl Marx.

Secretary of State John Kerry went to Nicaragua in 1985 to meet with communist leader Daniel Ortega while President Ronald Reagan was supporting the anti-communist Contra.

And the late Sen. Ted Kennedy went to the Soviet Union in 1983 to make a deal with the Russians in helping them to negotiate against Reagan during talks. Kennedy would give pointers to the Russians to make Reagan look unprepared if they would help him win the next presidential election. Kennedy’s action is a prime example of treason. A letter to the Iranian government explaining how the rule of law works is not a threat to our nation.

Gil Blanchard

retired nuclear security officer