Poor liberal and admitted Hillary Clinton supporter Richard Cohen in a Jan. 25 column in The Advocate wants Clinton to come up with more than her three-point plans to become the nation’s next president. Sorry, Cohen, a three-point plan is all she has, all she’s ever had, and it’s the same one she has always had.

Point 1: Cover up. Cover up the multitude of crimes, lies and transgressions she and her husband are responsible for going back to their days in Arkansas up until today’s email scandal, a crime so dangerous to national security that, if she were a Republican, she would be headed to federal prison for committing. She wants to be the first woman president and a champion of women’s rights and yet she ignores her husband’s past abusive behavior with women, lots of women. She believes herself above the law, so covering up the truth is just the way it should be — “the Clinton way.”

Point 2: Grow the federal government and its power over the states and their populations. Tax individuals and corporations and spend the money on growing the voter base of people dependent on Washington, D.C., politicians. Defending the country against enemies foreign and domestic, growing the economy, enriching and empowering individuals and making the U.S. the envy of the world again is all pie in the sky trivial to Clinton. Power in the hands of the D.C. elite is all that matters to her and her inner circle.

Point 3: Enrich the Clinton family. She and her husband already have built one of the great money laundering devices of all time and are successful multimillionaires for their questionable efforts. As president, she can only get richer. There it is, Mr. Cohen, that’s the real plan Clinton wants to implement once in office.

What happens to the country if she is elected is anyone’s guess, but since President Barack Obama already has the country on the road to ruin, she may just turn the road into a super highway.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge