Rarely have I so completely endorsed a letter to the editor as I do Sarah Stravinska’s comments on religiosity, as opposed to true religion as Christ taught (The Advocate, Saturday, Aug. 27).

Those of us who “object to ostentatious displays of religiosity” often feel intimidated by our Christian brethren who make such displays in the name of our mutual Lord and redeemer.

Such actions are ‘tacky,” as Ms. Stravinska has so rightly asserted, and while I am sure there will be a howling, hateful chorus arising from “Christians” who will condemn her remarks, she clearly has the right of it.

The biblical reference she cites (the Gospel of St. Matthew 6:5-6) is complete and clear. Dignity and solemnity, indeed. Would we could have more of it.

Christians are — as are persons of all faiths — to be “known” — and judged — by our acts.

Bombastic ranting and false piety have been around through the ages. Again, Ms. Stravinska: “We are happy to leave them to their brand of worship. We just don’t want it forced upon us.” Amen.

Mildred P. Worrell

social worker