I made the mistake of reading Professor Loren Scott’s climate change letter and cannot resist responding. His attempt to mask an apparent lack of even a basic understanding of climate versus weather with a detailed nonsensical discussion of oil price forecasting (I call this technobabble) and his off-the-wall reference to North Korea are debate tactics expected of a 12-year-old, not a college professor.

Scott’s logic is that any climate change study that does not address causation means that the authors do not support human influence. Applying this same logic to lung cancer studies would mean that any study that does not address causation implies that the authors are not supportive of a link to smoking. Using this logic, Scott could certainly dispute causation and perhaps even a relationship of smoking to lung cancer. Perhaps I have discovered a new client base for the professor.

I also am astounded by Scott’s source, the most overtly pro-business rag on the planet. The name itself should tell you something: The Wall Street Journal, a major component of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire that includes other such bastions of journalistic excellence as Fox News and the now-defunct London-based News of the World, the victim of its own admitted propensity for hacking, stealing and sensationalizing private cell phone calls.

I have wondered for many years about the logic and basis behind Scott’s consistently generous economic multipliers he attaches to petrochemical projects. I now have a better idea of his thought process.

My impression of Professor Scott’s idea of a perfect Louisiana is that of one large petrochemical complex. Thus I found his defensiveness over the label “shill of the petroleum industry” (his words, not mine) very perplexing. In this perfect Louisiana, a shill of the petrochemical industry is a position of prestige and money.

Should anyone like to see another side of this issue they could visit http://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/. The site contains a list of over 200 organizations (public/private, national/international) supportive of the premise of human-influenced climate change. Surprise, surprise, among them is the American Chemical Society. Oh, darn!

Wade Byrd

Performance Building Consulting Inc.

Greenwell Springs