I am very disappointed to see The Advocate has opted to allow yet another pro-life advertisement to be featured on its front page in the form of a sticker that obfuscates the newspaper’s masthead.

While I understand this was advertising paid for by a particular pro-life organization, the masthead of a newspaper is no place for the display of any advertisement, much less one for something that is as politically contentious and divisive as the pro-life movement.

When you allow that space to be co-opted by any organization or business, you compromise any sense of impartiality your newspaper has in its reporting. If something as valuable as your masthead can be bought, then are we as readers to assume that your content can be bought as well?

I hope The Advocate in the future will maintain an advertisement-free masthead and not force readers who may be offended by the advertising to confront that message when picking up the front page of the newspaper.

Shel Roumillat

business owner

New Orleans