I am writing in response to Bob Souvestre’s column published July 31.

Souvestre makes an excellent point. Many people don’t realize the damage caused to our environment by the introduction of grass clippings and other foliage into the sewer systems of our state.

In addition to depleting oxygen levels and harming aquatic life, it also causes damage to our drainage infrastructure that can harm both people and property.

The enforcement of laws prohibiting such practices is difficult.

Education is ultimately the best way to change behavior.

Discussions are needed at homeowners’ association meetings, between neighbors and at local garden clubs as a first step. Coverage in major newspapers such Souvestre’s column also goes a long way.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful welcomes discussion such as this on our Facebook site, www.facebook.com/KeepLouisianaBeautiful, where advocates and others discuss the damaging effects of litter and what people are doing to clean up our state. We invite The Advocate’s readers to join our conversation.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful applauds Souvestre and encourages homeowners to responsibly dispose of grass clippings and other yard waste by composting or other methods that promote sustainability.

Leigh Harris, executive director

Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Baton Rouge