I realize that an opinion is just that. An opinion. But here is mine on the intersection at Acadian and I10.

I have worked on Acadian Thruway for almost eight years and I have seen the same car accident happen over and over again. The traffic light for drivers turning onto I-10 from Acadian has the same options as others — red, yellow, green, green arrow. What causes the accidents? The green light allowing drivers to turn by yielding to oncoming traffic. If traffic is backed up on Acadian, the road curves just enough to make the outside lane disappear to turning vehicles. The result? The yielding car being T-boned by the driver with the right of way.

Why has this light not been changed to a red or arrow only? Are the police, firefighters and paramedics not fed up with the same accidents happening weekly? If I were called time and time again to the same location, I would question whether a change needed to be made. I have heard through the grapevine the light will stay as is because by changing it to a red or arrow only, this will cause a backup for drivers trying to turn onto the Interstate. Personally, I have never seen more than three or four cars at a time waiting at this light.

The traffic resulting from one of these accidents is 10 times worse. The accident I saw today involved a child. This sent me over the edge because it is avoidable. Trust me, I am just as annoyed by Baton Rouge traffic as the next person, but this light, as I watch it now, has one vehicle waiting to turn. If by changing the light caused a small backup, it is merely a few minutes of waiting versus the well-being of a driver, passenger or,w in today’s case, a child. It is Baton Rouge. We will have traffic with or without a change to a barely used traffic light.

I cringe each time I have to hear the sound of vehicles hitting one another. And not surprisingly, I know each time what has happened. Again, I understand this is just an opinion, but it is an opinion of someone who is very concerned, not only about the safety of the streets that my friends and family travel, but the streets I travel as well with my own children.

Jennifer Adams


Baton Rouge