Attaining and sustaining an excellent school system requires a collaborative, respectful school board/superintendent leadership team, united around a common vision for action. The common vision for Lafayette Parish public schools outlined here is a living document that must be refined and evaluated on an ongoing basis with substantial community input. Above all, the common vision must continually focus on the primary objective of increasing student achievement and preparedness.

The Lafayette Parish School Board is uniquely placed to provide leadership and oversight for this vision. We believe school board members must both proactively and vigorously pursue a number of priorities in order to create a successful school system. Earlier this year, the Lafayette Parish Education Stakeholders Council (LaPESC) members developed “a Common Vision for Our Future” that outlines a set of 12 such priorities, which are organized around three major areas of focus:

  • School system governance, including the roles and responsibilities of the School Board versus the superintendent
  • Key planks of the “100 Percent In 100 Percent Out” plan, including health and wellness, early childhood education and community engagement
  • Facilities, including the strategy for maintaining adequate, safe buildings

Our idea was to create actionable items that provide real direction to School Board members. This is a document that empowers the community by establishing a clear set list of what is important. At the core, these priorities are about the kids and making sure the focus remains on the kids.

These priorities are a living document, meant to be continually refined and evaluated, and must include consistent, substantial community input.

As the Nov. 4 election is less than a month away, we encourage the community to keep these priorities of the School Board in mind when deciding who to vote for. Our children’s future depends on it.

Patrick Williams

LaPESC member