The U.S. is in a steep decline in every way one looks at it.

Current policies, local and federal, are creating lawlessness — examples being sanctuary cities, ignoring illegal aliens, not enforcing border laws. Federal laws are being broken and the federal government is complicit in turning illegal aliens and criminals loose on U.S. citizens.

The IRS is being used for political purposes, and the IRS is sending our tax refunds to anyone who supplies a stolen Social Security number and birthdate and lies about other information on E-tax forms. The IRS policy is to pay the claim for refunds and not check the accuracy of the claim.

The federal Justice Department is investigating high-profile situations and pushing release of dangerous criminals in the name of social justice. Political correctness is running wild.

The State Department is making a sweetheart nuclear deal (including the sale of regular arms) with Iran as if they are trustworthy, honest and not the sworn enemy of the USA as they have stated. I wish our negotiators and leaders were car salesmen as I would love to deal with them. The world laughs at American leaders for not keeping their red lines and promises, and we are no longer leading the free world. Our friends are treated as enemies and enemies as friends.

The U.S. Supreme Court redefines words and calls a “fee” a “tax” in the “Obamacare” ruling and redefines traditional marriage to include same-sex unions.

The mainstream media is incompetent in doing its job in telling and reporting the whole story.

There is only one fair, truthful and comprehensive major news network and one major newspaper left in the U.S.

The U.S. economy is in a slow-growth funk, unemployment and those who quit looking is about 10 percent, Congress is dysfunctional, and politicians’ only idea is to grow government and the welfare state and borrow to fund it. The feds have decided that climate change is fact and have started to destroy our economy based on junk science.

A large number of citizens have tuned out or ignored all these problems by getting all their news and information from unreliable sources like major media, Twitter, Facebook or bloggers.

Charles Barrow

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge