As a resident of West Virginia, I would like to apologize to the great state of Louisiana and especially the LSU fans. I think I can safely speak for the entire state of West Virginia when I say the incident that happened after the WVU versus LSU football game on Sept. 24 in Morgantown was atrocious and no way indicative of the people of this state.

I am appalled and embarrassed by the acts of a few individuals who brutally attacked LSU fans as they were exiting the city in traffic. It is a shame that a football game — and it is just a GAME — could end in such a callous fashion.

It was such a great day, with ESPN College Game Day present. The game was great, no matter the outcome, and for a few idiots, who we don’t even know who they are, but should be ashamed and admit to their crime. So please know that the people of West Virginia are wonderful, caring and ashamed. Please accept our apology with all due respect.

Vickie Beavers

customer service representative

Dunbar, W.V.