It is always with interest and amusement to read letters in “Readers’ Views” written by the misinformed filled with misinformation. Acknowledging and correcting the errors are usually not worth the time or effort. However, a letter published on Dec. 26 and submitted by Willie Price (“Louisiana loses with Cassidy win over Landrieu for Senate”) must be corrected. In it, Price laments the failure of the Keystone vote in the Senate and the Cassidy victory. He states of Mary Landrieu, “She needed 60 votes to get the deal done, and do you think for one minute that the Republicans would give her the needed votes to hit 60 to win or influence an election over a Republican candidate? No way!”

Yes, the vote count was 59. ALL 45 Republican senators voted for Keystone and ONLY 14 Democrat senators voted for the Hail Mary. One more Democrat vote and she was on to victory. Keystone failed, but not due to lack of Republican votes. Please note: 40 Democrats voted AGAINST Landrieu’s bill. It’s pretty hard to get a bill passed when only 14 of your majority vote in favor of it. Looks like her “influence” did not “influence” her Democrat colleagues.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

Kathy D. Chenevert

retired office assistant

Baton Rouge