My thanks go out to Edward Pratt for the column about litter. So many of my guests from other states have asked about all the litter. It's an embarrassment. From the air, Louisiana appears mostly green. At ground level, it's an entirely different scene. What could make a person think that disposing of an appliance or piece of furniture roadside is a good idea? Maybe it's time for Smiley Anders to start another bumper sticker contest. I remember that he printed a lot of suggestions a few years ago.

Recently, The Advocate ran an article on page one about new laws enacted this session. One was that beginning in preschool, all classes must include units about litter prevention. The children will not only become anti-litter adults, but they will exert a strong influence on their other family members. It will be unthinkable that a parent would throw food wrappers out of a car in which a savvy child is riding.

The newspaper and classroom can't be the only avenues to stress litter prevention; we must assume that the cretins who pollute our beautiful state can't read.

Edward Pratt: What drives me nuts the most as I get older? People who litter

Shirley Pittman

former kindergarten teacher

Baton Rouge