I read with concern your Dec. 7 edition, in which contributor Richard J. Pitre called for you to remove columnist Jeff Sadow from your opinion page. In Mr. Pitre’s view, Sadow is too far to the right. He opined that this cheapened discourse, and he hearkened back to the day of Eric Sevareid, who he said was the proper model of a television news broadcaster. Of course, back in those days, there were only three networks, all of which were left-leaning. Odd that Mr. Pitre didn’t also call for the removal of writers Dana Milbank, Steve and Cokie Roberts, Froma Harrop, and others, all of whom come down hard on the side of the left. So much for balance.

The idea that people should be silenced because their views are different from your own is one of the disturbing anti-freedom developments of the current college campus radical movement. Kudos to The Advocate for showcasing contributors from both sides of the political spectrum. Everyone needs to be heard, whether they agree with you or not. Raspberries to those who call for silencing dissent.

Rick Ellis

retired military officer

New Orleans