As a first year teacher in Ascension Parish and a graduate of LSU’s undergraduate education program, I support one-year residencies for future teachers. Within the existing program, I was not able to see an entire school year of planning, testing, school activities, and teaching in my content area. I had never experienced the beginning of a school year because my student teaching semester took place in the spring, meaning I missed important goal-setting and planning activities. For example, I knew the basis of what a Student Learning Target was, but I did not know how teachers came up with this at the beginning of the year, how it was measured, and how it affected you as a teacher.

In the first few weeks of school, I realized that there were so many responsibilities that I needed to learn. I feel that if student teaching could be an entire year, there would be fewer surprises for teachers when entering their own classrooms.

Delaney Longa

third grade teacher