I was again taken aback by recent negative comments from official and public representatives concerning the proposal of installing license plate readers in sheriff’s deputies’ vehicles. It is becoming more evident that certain people believe we should not have any laws because some group or constituency will be impacted.

How is breaking the law by not having auto insurance worthy of being ignored? Those who follow the law are paying for others’ noncompliance, which results in Louisiana having some of the highest insurance rates in the area. This also means those vehicles are on the road without having gone through the annual safety inspections and, in some cases, being driven by nonlicensed drivers. We are assuming all this risk, for what?

In addition, it is beyond belief on how anyone can come up with an estimate of what percent of drivers represent this population. You don’t really know until you have a system in place.

To address the cost, privacy or other concerns, that is what authorities are paid and elected to do. There always is something one can raise to kill an effort. Figure it out! You are there to serve those who elect or select you, not to ignore problems and make excuses.

John Tregre

retired engineer/production management

Denham Springs