What is a good definition of total stupidity? Surely it is the decision to allow students whose average grades are D to participate in extracurricular activities. Really? A kid who can barely pass is now allowed to devote two or three more hours each day to not studying. This should not be a cause for celebration, but in the spirit of the great educators to whose wisdom we turn for guidance in preparing our children for life, I make two suggestions:

Since so many of us fail to keep the Ten Commandments, we should lower the standards by deleting the pesky one about adultery. This would allow a greater number of our elected officials to stay in office and give our entire race a higher compliance percentage.

We should adopt a new state motto: “Thank God for Mississippi.” Otherwise, we would be dead last in every meaningful educational statistic compiled anywhere.

Charles David Isbell, Ph.D.

associate professor of religious studies, LSU

Baton Rouge