Even after three out of four Louisianians voted in favor of limiting school board members to three terms, The Advocate still stubbornly refuses to admit when it is wrong.

I was elected to a third term to the East Baton Rouge School Board and resigned six months later out of sheer frustration. Gridlock!

After several years of fighting for votes, board members find themselves in a stalled, never-compromising, refusing-to-listen state of gridlock, sometimes refusing to vote for a sensible issue because of the individual who made the motion.

Case in point ... We had the desegregation issue solved but couldn’t get seven out of 12 votes. Who could have not voted for that?

I will admit one point in your favor. After the first four years, I finally felt like I really had a grasp of what was going on. But it took at least one four-year term.

Term limits will change players often enough to hit the refresh button and bring in new ideas and new energy and it will do away with old personality clashes.

Forgive me for disagreeing with the best newspaper in the state of Louisiana, but you guys blew it on this one.

Three out of four Louisianians said so.

Jim Talbot

real estate broker

Baton Rouge