It is a true blessing that our President Barack Obama has been re-elected. This was a close election and surely both candidates must be exhausted. As of this time, there needs to be a long period of rest, relaxation and everyone getting back to a normal lifestyle. The hectic schedules can slow down for a while, and all can turn down their “turbos.”

What a happy feeling that most of the candidates were re-elected and, as we prepare for the Dec. 8 elections, surely those candidates in the runoffs will claim victory. I was up very early to go to the polls, and lines only lasted no more than 30 minutes.

In listening to some of the things that were happening throughout this nation, it was a disgrace and very disgusting. However, it did not halt the voters from standing in line until they exercised their right to vote.

How many have fought and suffered to make some dreams become realities? It has been a long haul of struggles, but we made it. On Nov. 7, many should have rejoiced and sung songs of Zion in claiming the victory.

Now, we can look forward for the next four years for a peaceful economy and President Obama can continue to clean up the inadequacies he inherited. He can focus on getting the job done for the betterment of this nation — for the people of the United States of America. It is the people of this country that put him in office as president and most importantly, it is time that he deserves the respect that too many have failed to acknowledge.

Go ahead, President Obama, and your administration, and the Democratic constituents. You have proven yourselves to be worthy and to continue to do what you do well and run this country with utmost grade, dignity and integrity.


community activist/public relations consultant

Baton Rouge