Another construction worker hit and injured on the job, and another no-coverage, non-issue, so-what attitude. With all of the new programs being pushed by the DOT and police forces, it would seem these issues would be brought to the public’s attention.

Pay attention; stop being angry because the roads you want fixed are being fixed and you have wait an extra two minutes to get home. Selfish. It takes time to fix the roads right (unless you want them to break down again in a matter of two years and start all over, more tax money), and follow the construction signs! All too often I see people driving recklessly and having no consideration for the workers.

A Barber Brothers worker was hit just the other night due to a negligent driver. Complete disregard for the lives of these workers who often work 16 hours a day, and now, due to Barber Brothers, are not even receiving extra night pay for being there overnight to fix the roads that the public complains about. So these workers who are already overworked, not being paid by Barber Brothers anything comparable to other road construction companies, now are having their night bonuses taken from them.

So remember when you are upset that you have to wait — too bad. These guys put up with much more than you sitting in your vehicle for a few minutes. For the guy that hit the employee the other night, I hope it is was worth it. I hope you get caught and no excuse can provide for seriously hurting this guy where he probably won’t be able to work again.

Amy Kable