In the movie “Indecent Proposal,” there is a scene where a teacher of an architecture class holds up a brick and says, “Even a brick wants to be more than a brick.”

Then he shows slides of some of the most austere and noble edifices from around the world.

No one is born without purpose; purpose leads to greatness and impacts our society in many ways. The people of north Baton Rouge are hardworking citizens who are trying to pave the way for their families to participate in the American dream.

When I read your article about the economic divide between north and south Baton Rouge, I wondered if north Baton Rouge residents would come away thinking that they are professional victims, beholden to government and not responsible. The article gave me pause. When I look at the divide between the north and south, there are many factors that have led to the decline of north Baton Rouge.

These include failed educational policies, lack of development and low-wage jobs. In my position as a citizen first and a governmental elected official second, I seek equity for our community. When we work together making sure that all tides rise together and the same incentives are provided, we build up the community, collectively, and this benefits all of us.

If businesses invest in Baton Rouge — all of Baton Rouge — they will not look for a north side or south side. I hope that in the spirit of “Together, Baton Rouge,” we will not fall into the trap of dividing and conquering. If this is the agenda, nobody wins.

Regina Ashford Barrow

state senator, district 15

Baton Rouge