Clarence Page’s syndicated column (“Bachmann, many overlook own benefits,” The Advocate, July 21) offers a revealing insight into the mindset of big-government liberals regarding the earnings of hardworking Americans.

In short, they believe those earnings are the property of the federal government. If the citizen who worked for this money is allowed to keep more of it via a mortgage-interest deduction, he or she is the beneficiary of a government subsidy.

Let that sink in: If the federal government allows you to keep money that you have earned, you are the recipient of a government handout.

Page’s opinion is not just that of a fringe element of the Democratic Party - it is the fervent belief of that party’s leader, President Barack Obama. The ruling class (he, his party and many Republicans) are the rightful owners of the fruits of your labor because they know better than you how to “spread it around.”

Many euphemisms are being used to conceal this fact in the ongoing debt-ceiling debate. When you hear words such as “revenue,” “loophole” or “corporate giveaway,” remember that those using these words consider themselves entitled to your money. To them, your mortgage-interest deduction is a “loophole,” one they no doubt will wish to close one day.

Joel Rushing

construction project manager

Denham Springs