It should be obvious to anyone that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s directive ordering an investigation of Planned Parenthood in Louisiana is political grandstanding designed to create unnecessary delays in the opening of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in New Orleans that will perform abortions. Jeff Sadow is helping the governor along, using the same techniques used in the video footage that claims to show a Planned Parenthood official selling body parts — namely, selective and manipulative presentation of facts, and deliberately leaving out essential information that easily discredits his argument.

Sadow, Jindal and the producers of the video allege that Planned Parenthood are selling body parts of aborted fetuses for the “30 to 100 dollars” that is mentioned by the official; what they leave out is that the dollar figure represents the costs of transporting legally donated tissue samples, which is normal and routine in the medical field. The ridiculousness of the idea of body parts being sold under the table for “30 to 100 dollars” apiece is not questioned by Sadow, for doing so would make his entire argument instantly crumble.

Sadow fails to mention the creator of the video, the Center for Medical Progress, is a dummy nonprofit that may soon be facing charges of defrauding the IRS to attain its tax-exempt status, as well as deceiving its donors. It is run by David Daleiden, whose online presence is minimal, but who is closely connected to James O’Keefe, a video con artist who has for at least 10 years tried to have Planned Parenthood defunded by illegally video-recording its workers and then selectively editing the results to make it look as if something illegal was done, violating state laws against secret recordings. O’Keefe and his associates were arrested, convicted, sentenced and fined for trying to wire-tap Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans in 2010; he was again arrested for conspiracy to commit voter fraud in North Carolina only nine months ago. Tellingly, none this is of any interest to Sadow, because it conflicts with his predetermined and inherently dishonest political narrative.

Sadow appears to support Gov. Jindal’s determination to further delay the opening of the New Orleans Planned Parenthood clinic on Claiborne Avenue, by ordering a costly, time-wasting investigation into things he already knows did not happen, based upon evidence presented by a false company set up for the sole purpose of sabotaging Planned Parenthood. Like most radical anti-abortionists, Sadow figures, just as our governor does, that it’s OK to lie, as long as it has the intended effect, which is to prevent all women from seeking out abortion services, which they are legally entitled to upon demand. Jindal’s actions are, like Sadow’s letter to The Advocate, calculating, deceitful and entirely dishonest.

Matthew White

musician, artist

New Orleans