Regarding the effort to establish the city of St. George:

In 1776, our forefathers wrote and declared the Declaration of Independence. We were to be free to establish a democratic form of government, with the right to vote on our future. What happened was war, which we won, at great loss of life.

Remember all of the military men and women through all the years up until today. That were injured or killed while trying to make sure that we are free, with the right to vote on all issues that affect our everyday lives.

Remember what happened in Germany from the 1930s to mid-1940s, where more than 6 million people were murdered. All they wanted was to be free in a democracy where they had the right to vote. They were of Jewish faith. The people in power saw to it they didn’t have that right. Are the people in power trying to do it again in 2015?

Remember what happened in the 1960s in Philadelphia, Mississippi when three civil rights workers were only trying to get the everyday people the right to vote. They were murdered.

Remember what happened in Selma, Alabama on Bloody Sunday when they were only trying to give the everyday people the right to vote on all the things that everyone else had the right to do.

Remember what Martin Luther King gave his life for was for the everyday people to be able to vote, as everyone should have that right. I guess that the phrase, “I have a dream” is long forgotten in today’s world, or maybe it doesn’t matter today.

Is it just me, or has the news item of fraud in the petition drive looked strange? When the Better Together organization mailed out the material to get you to remove your name from the petition, then all of the sudden, a few people said their names were forged. It seems it was planned from the very start, to be able to get it on the front page of the paper to make it look like the petition was being done to commit fraud.

Why are the people in power trying to deny you the right to vote? By signing the petition, all you are doing is giving the people the right to vote. When it comes to the ballot, you have the right to vote yes or no, so why are they trying to keep everyone from being able to vote?

According to Rebekah Allen, of The Advocate, you can contact the people with the petition to be able to sign at or call (225) 366-7764. They will come to you.

Charles Higgins

retired service technician

Baton Rouge