The day after having a pacemaker inserted, I was feeling OK. Although I didn’t rest well during the night.

But I was taken aback by a story in The Advocate, regarding another attempt by Rolfe McCollister and company to convert City Park’s golf course.

And to think I once voted for the guy for mayor!

The nine-hole course, where I first began playing in 1950, is perfect for an old duffer like me. It’s short, with only three long holes — two, three, seven — and the fees are reasonable.

If it is closed, the only course on this side of town will be the 18-hole Webb Park, which is longer, more difficult for seniors like me – and costlier.

In 2012 there were 31,322 rounds played at Webb, compared with 16,335 at City Park. Can Webb absorb this many more rounds?

Heaven forbid this proposed change again!

Ted Castillo

retired sportswriter

Baton Rouge