The question of which party will control the U.S. Senate has been decided. It’s the Republican Party. That means the only real issue left in Louisiana’s U.S. Senate race is which of the two candidates in the Dec. 6 runoff will be more effective in serving our state.

The answer is clear: Mary Landrieu. In a body where seniority means everything, Bill Cassidy will be the lowest ranking member of the U.S. Senate. He will be representing a state whose future prosperity is heavily dependent on federal policies impacting our coast, our infrastructure and our critical energy sector.

It makes little sense to give up the clout we have in the Senate when the party in control of that body already has been determined.

And time and time again Landrieu has proven that she can get the job done. Landrieu has secured funding for families suffering from domestic violence and focused on the future with college affordability.

She persuaded Congress to give Louisiana and other Gulf states a share of lease revenues from offshore oil and gas wells.

She was instrumental in writing and passing the Restore Act, ensuring that the vast majority of fines from the BP oil spill would go to coastal restoration —with Louisiana getting the largest share.

Even officials in Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration will tell you candidly that when they needed help in Washington, they went to Landrieu, someone who has a proven record of working across party lines for the benefit of Louisiana.

So on Election Day, the question facing voters is no longer which party will lead the U.S. Senate. The question is who can get the most done for Louisiana. Congressman Cassidy has spent a lot of time telling us who and what he is against.

But he hasn’t had much to say about what he actually intends to do for Louisiana if elected or how he intends to accomplish it.

Landrieu has told us very clearly what she intends to do. It’s all in her very strong record of effectiveness for the people of Louisiana.

Please vote on Saturday, Dec. 6.

Mary Louise Prudhomme

public relations consultant

Baton Rouge