The “Believe It” article in the The Advocate leaves me totally speechless.

This guy, Rob Clemenz, has gone over the top in validating that Catholics do some strange things. A religious medal of Jesus with a painted Saints jersey? Let’s pray that the Saints win a game? Come on now!

But good ol’ Bob here is a certified good Catholic. He’s even received most of the sacraments and went to Rome to witness the canonization of two saints. Hell’s bells, he’s official.

And no, I’m not being judgmental here. He’s waddling, he’s got yellow feet and an orange beak, and he’s quacking. I’m simply saying, “Look, there’s a duck.”

Am I shocked to see a religious medal (from Rome, no doubt, so it’s more official), with a painted Saints jersey on Jesus? Nope.

Do I think people will buy it and hold it and pray to God (in the name of No. 9) to help the Saints win? Yep. And will good Catholics bring this medal to a priest to have it blessed? Yep.

And will they bless it?

Shannon Chapman


Baton Rouge