In regard to the Denham Springs woman who used Christmas lights on the roof of her house to make an obscene gesture:

I understand the right to freedom of speech, i.e. expression.

What I fail to understand is how the behavior of this resident can be condoned or, worse, defended by anyone or any group. Certainly, she has the right to make something beautiful into something ugly. All of us have that right.

Where, though is the sense of personal responsibility and love for others, especially in this wonderful season of love and caring?

In my opinion, this action blasphemes the spirit of Christmas, and, admittedly, she did it to insult her neighbors.

How can personal responsibility be fostered when such bad judgment is condoned?

Thank God that I live in a caring neighborhood, Hundred Oaks. One of our beloved elderly residents, Danie Singleton, was buried Tuesday, and the whole neighborhood family rallied around to pay its respects. She had no children, but all of us in our great neighborhood were her children. All of us were there for her, as she had been for us in her younger years.

We intend to plant a live oak in her memory.

I am so glad Ms. Hostility does not live near us.

But then, we would probably follow the Bible teaching “wipe the sand off our sandals,” walk away and pray for her.

Annabelle M. Armstrong


Baton Rouge