In response to Tom Curran’s letter: Perhaps Curran doesn’t understand how the no-fly list is generated.

A name can end up on the list in a number of ways: perhaps your name matched that of a known terrorist, or you inadvertently clicked on a link that lead to a terrorist website. Maybe you were just looking for information that the government determined might be terrorist-related and your name gets put on the list.

The government doesn’t reveal or tell you that you’re on the list. You go to board a flight and get denied by security; you ask why and are told nothing; you can’t find out why, who or when you were put on the no-fly list or if you are even on it.

Convicted criminals have gun rights revoked, but they go through a trial and must be proven guilty of the offense before they have their rights revoked. People placed on the no-fly list have on such option. They are not told they were placed on the list, so how can they know to appeal being on it?

I have no problem with a no-fly list as long as those placed on it are notified and told why they are on it and have the right to contest it.

Perhaps Sens. David Vitter and Bill Cassidy know what is required under the Constitution before one’s rights can be restricted; it seems perhaps Curran may not.

Anything else is tyranny.

Tom Madere

retired chemical worker

La Place