What does “the right to keep and bear arms” mean?

I believe in the existence of unalienable rights, but for those who believe all rights exist only through the divine benevolence of government, then what follows will have no meaning.

Among our unalienable rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What use are these rights if one cannot protect them?

Unless an individual can protect these rights, they are rendered meaningless. The Second Amendment was written for the purpose of protecting these rights.

With the right to protect comes an awesome responsibility, and most people who acquire guns legally are responsible with them. Gun laws restrict only lawful gun owners, not unlawful ones.

If, for example, an elderly man or woman is alone in his or her home and in the middle of the night a 250-pound intruder enters uninvited, what happens? There are only three reasons a person would break into a home, and those reasons would be to rob, rape or kill you. In that situation, that elderly person has no chance but to submit and hope for the best.

But with one finger on a trigger, he/she is equal to that intruder in defense of his/her life, liberty and property. One might say they should call the police, hide and wait. Yes, by all means call and wait if you can, but if a confrontation arises, that person, any person, has the right to defend himself — and should.

Restrictions and bans on guns limit a person’s ability to do just that and do not and never will limit or restrict the intruder.

In this country, we are free to exercise — or not — the right of self-defense. If one chooses not to exercise that right because he fears guns, he is free not to defend themselves. But he cannot in any way infringe on my right to exercise and defend my life, liberty and property.

After every tragic incident involving the use of firearms, those on the political left call for restricting or banning guns as the answer to the evil that resides in the hearts of some people. Banning guns will only exacerbate the problem. The only thing it will restrict evil is the ability to defend against it.

For the left to use these tragedies to restrict and limit my ability to protect my family and property from the evil that exists in man is appalling and it should be shamed for doing so.

The Second Amendment, along with the other nine are not a Bill of Suggestions, they are a Bill of Rights and are not subject to negotiation.

Fear not the gun for lack of understanding.

Address the evil in man, not the instrument.

Stephen Cambre

field manager