Since the fearless conservative Wisconsin governor Scott Walker became a front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, it was just a matter of time (a very little time) that the Democrat party mouthpieces in the liberal mainstream media began going to work to undermine him. So when Walker said he just does not know what President Barack Obama’s religious affiliation is, he was pounded by those members of the press. Was Walker being disrespectful as they claim or was he just being honest, given what he actually knows from what Obama says and does? If Walker is a student of history and how it relates to the present day, he as well as the rest of the nation may very well have cause to doubt Obama’s claim to be a “devout Christian.”

To put things in proper prospective, a quote from Thomas Madden’s reference classic, “Crusades,” may shed some light on Walker’s thinking. Madden observes: “Religious warfare, once thought to be an artifact of a distant past, has re-emerged in recent years. A spate of Islamist terrorist attacks have reminded the Western world that for many people religion is still a reason to kill and to be killed. That is a hard lesson for the West, which long ago relegated religious belief to personal preference and celebrates religious diversity; it requires Westerners to look beyond modern sensibilities to a medieval world view that, for them, has largely passed away — for it has not passed away everywhere. He also observes, “the capture and sack of Jerusalem was still remembered by Muslims in the region, implying that the descendants of crusades ought to shoulder their burden of blame after 9/11. Many other observers began to see the root causes of Islamist attacks as lying in the crusades of the Middle Ages.”

President Obama recently did just this thing by trying to equate the crusades to present-day Islamic atrocities. Hearing Obama say such a thing certainly gives me and lots of others the idea that in his heart he certainly identifies with these Islamic beliefs. I don’t think it is out of line for anyone, presidential candidates included, to wonder just what Obama really does believe.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge