It was a delight to read your news article about the group of mothers establishing a book club for young sons, The Advocate, July 25.

Reading has long been a serious problem for many students in our schools because they do not read on grade level. Many do no reading on their own, and there is no motivation for them to read at home. Leisure time is often spent playing video games or listening to rap music.

No child can be successful in school unless the child achieves a level of adequacy in reading. We do well those things we do most.

The more we read, the better readers we become. Young men will discover the more interesting books they read, the more they will like it.

I have seen so many students, especially boys, become frustrated because they did not read up to par. They become discipline problems, often trying to cover up this deficiency. Next, suspensions. Next, drop outs. Next, filling up the jails.

Many students perform just enough in school to “get by.” They program themselves: “I am here to play football, basketball and run track. I am going to be a professional athlete . ...”

Kellie Bynum-Lathan, a founder of the mothers’ group, is right. Not only does reading good books teach about life and life’s challenges, and teach critical thinking, the mind processes good sentence structure, sentence variety, vocabulary, punctuation etc.

I commend these mothers and Bynum-Lathan. I also hope this will be the start of something great and this desire to read good books will grow and be fostered in all homes of children in school and during summer vacations. The home also has a great responsibility in the proper education of our children.

Cleveland Bailey Sr.

retired teacher

Baton Rouge